Pneumatic/Hydraulic (GP/GH, P/H)

Rotork GP/GH (Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators)
Rotork P/H (Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators)

Mark Trevethan


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Rotork Fluid Systems’ product offering encompasses P, GP, CP, RC200 / RCI200 and R ranges of scotch-yoke and rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuators, H, GH and RH hydraulic actuators, the GO range of gas-over-oil actuators, the HPG range of high-pressure direct gas actuators and the Skilmatic range of electro-hydraulic actuators.

In addition to quarter-turn designs, most ranges are also available for linear valve applications. Many actuators are built for critical high-speed failsafe or emergency shutdown (ESD) duties in harsh locations, including subsea actuators for valves at depths measured in hundreds of metres.